Make your Door Access Do More With Paxton


Integrate with CCTV

Increase security and save time trawling through your CCTV. We can link your Paxton door access to your CCTV to create an ‘activity event’ within the Paxton software.


Lockdown The Building

Paxton has the facility to lock-down the premises at the touch of a button for increased security. This option is great for the education industry where a lock-down is required for safeguarding purposes.


Smart phone app

Use the smartphone app to see who is on site, unlock a door, view reports, create a fire roll call and much more. 

This Might Interest You


Anti Pass Back

 The anti-passback system prevents a card holder from passing their token back to a second person, to gain entry into the same controlled area 


Energy Saving Features

The Paxton system can be set to control certain features of the building such as lights or air conditioning which could help to save energy and money

Other Great Features


Link your Paxton intercom to SIP Phones

Tired of answering the intercom for other people? Why not link the intercom to your SIP phones so the correct person/host is contacted?


Emergency Roll Call

In case of emergency, produce an instant Roll Call via the app to see who is on site.


Time and Attendance linked to payroll

Create Time and attendance reports to manage time on site and create links to your payroll for streamlining the payroll process