Make the muster point work!


If a fire was to happen, then all staff and visitors would need to meet at your muster point. We can install a reader at this muster point so that all your staff can swipe their card/fob ensuring that your fire register is accurate for when the fire team arrive.

See the data on your phone


Decide in advance who will see your emergency lists, this is usually your fire marshals. 

 You can easily:

  • Mark users as safe/missing
  • See users' last known positions
  • Call users via the app
  • View a user's image as stored within Net2

Create an Instant Roll Call


Roll Call allows the system administrator to obtain a report listing all of the users currently within a specified area. This is primarily used in the event of an emergency, such as a fire alarm, when it can be used to check that everyone is out of the building 

Anti pass back


The anti-pass back feature improves the accuracy of your roll call, 'last known position' reports, and deters tailgating. If a user should follow a colleague out of an area without presenting their own token, their error is discovered when they try to return to the controlled area. Access into the area will be barred, as their last known location is shown as still being inside.

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