Paxton Lockdown For Education & Commercial


Education & Safeguarding Children

For many schools and colleges, a lock-down procedure is as important as a fire procedure. Essentially a fire evacuation procedure is to get everyone out of your site as fast as possible. A lock-down procedure is to keep everyone indoors and the premises secure as pupil/student safety is always priority.

Security Lockdown

Secure the site by quickly by disabling valid user access at the touch of a button, disabling exit buttons and relocking doors held open by set times. Specific security personnel can be permitted to pass through these doors during lockdown. 

Further Information

The Lockdown facility enables you to secure your site with a single action.

Lockdown would be utilised to safeguard people and property in the event of a potentially dangerous individual, or group, gaining unauthorised access to the site.


Paxton Net2 Features

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